Welcome to Spring 2017

Mar 15, 2017 | Blog

Irrigation Pro Water Express

Irrigation Pro Inc, has 3 Ohio Backflow Testing Licenses to serve your needs.

Welcome to a new season. Spring is just around the corner. As you have probably noticed there has been a major push in the GO GREEN movement. Starting with energy saving appliances, water saving plumbing fixtures, and new technology in lighting (CLF and LED).

The cost of water and electricity is rising, but our pay has not increased at the pace of inflation in our economy. Irrigation Pro, Inc. has some cost cutting methods to help save money in irrigation and landscape lighting.

Water Saving Products In Irrigation

Let’s first talk about ways to save money in irrigation, while preserving our lawn and landscape. Water usage costs are on the rise, so what can we do?

Installation of a Rain Sensor

Hunter Solar Sync which monitors air temperatures to calculate watering requirements and knows to be efficient and waters your lawn as needed.

For the best that technology has to offer is a smart controller. This is a weather based controller. It has the capability to take 5 principles (Rain, Wind, Solar Radiation, Humidity and Temperature) and calculate the amount of water depletion from your lawn and landscape. The controller self adjusts the amount of water needed to keep everything healthy without wasting water.

Water savings can be substantial. Call Irrigation Pro, Inc. for a free quote on the GO GREEN products and tips to save money.

Electrical Saving Products

Landscape lighting is a great way to give a warm welcome to your home. With many advantages, such as security and low operating costs, adding low voltage lighting can add beauty and safety to your home. Let’s first start with our customers who already have landscape lighting. You can save about $300/yr. by retro fitting your existing lighting with LED bulbs. LED bulbs use about 70% less electricity than incandescence bulbs, that is serious savings. Customers who have interest in having landscape lighting and thought the electric bill would out of control, call Irrigation Pro, Inc. for free quote in energy saving products.