Sprinkler Systems

By a Certified Irrigation Contractor

Irrigation 101

Irrigation systems are a rather complicated combination of pipes, valves, control wire, controller, fittings and sprinkler heads. The elements that sets one contractor apart from another is their level of expertise in areas such as hydraulics and electrical properties, irrigation system design, product selection, installation technique, employee training and quality control.

The system design process begins with the water supply available in gallon per minute and static pressure. The flow in gallons per minute can be estimated utilizing the advertised flow of the city meter or supply pump which can be applied to published charts on recommended velocity and friction line loss. The pressure can be taken at any point in the supply system providing the water is not flowing to any point of use. This is static pressure.

The initial system layout begins with a drawing or blueprint of the property to be irrigated. Head placement is conducted beginning with product selection and head spacing based upon product specifications. Then the all important pipe sizing begins utilizing the available water supply broken down in gallons per minute and static water pressure. Dynamic water pressure can only be measured when the system is actually flowing. Pipe sizing takes into account the length of the pipe run, the friction loss, the velocity the water flows through the pipe, the water supply, and the pressure available. These calculations determine the size of the pipe required to provide sufficient water flow and pressure.

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